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Our main studio based in Bordeaux/France since 2004, it has the particularity of having in-house Structural Engineering competence provided by our subsidiary CUBE INGENIEURS, and practices a thermal and energetic approach from the sketch according to the Passiv Haus philosophy.

Due to the rapid urban development in the Arabian Gulf region, especially in Saudi Arabia, and in line with the vision 2030, which aims to create a prosperous society, one of the team members established a house of expertise in the field of architecture connected directly with the main office in France to exchange experiences in the field of architecture. , Urban design and interior design commensurate with the office orientation which is sustainable projects.

We assure you a transversal team work from the beginning of the project, a detailed and detailed analysis to choose the best options.

Our ambition is to participate in a better life, a better consumption, a better communication, to grow together, by measuring our actions on future generations.


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